Sandra Botticelli, “Allegoria della Primavera” (1478), Tempora on canvas



This painting shows contrast in that the women are shown very bright in dark contrast to the black forested background. Having the large difference in value creates emphasis on the figures rather than the background.



Paul Klee, “Ad Marginen” (1930), watercolor varnished


This painting illustrates the principle of emphasis by using isolation. The red sun, I believe that is what it is, is being isolated all alone in the middle with nothing else touching it. Doing so makes this the first thing we look at when viewing this image.



Henri Rousseau, “Carnival Evening” (1886), oil on canvas – Museum of Art, Philadelphia



This painting creates emphasis on the bright white subjects by strategically placing them down in the lower middle where our eyes are led. They are also kind of placed in-between two rule of thirds points on the bottom.


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